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The Relationship Between Aircraft Depreciation and Market Value
The relationship between aircraft depreciation and market value is a critical aspect of the aviation industry, and it is influenced by various factors. Aircraft, like many other assets, depreciate over...
By Daniel Kane
Understanding The Process of a Helicopter Appraisal
A helicopter appraisal is a detailed evaluation of the value of a helicopter, and it is typically conducted for various purposes, including insurance coverage, financing, sales, or legal proceedings. The...
By Daniel Kane
Business Aircraft Value & Market Trends
The value of business aircraft, such as corporate jets, is subject to various market trends and factors that can influence both their resale and overall market health. The overall economic...
By Daniel Kane
Appraising The Bell 407
Appraising the Bell 407, or any helicopter for that matter, involves a comprehensive evaluation of various factors to determine its market value. The Bell 407 is a popular single-engine turbine...
By Daniel Kane
Busting Common Myths Around Aircraft Appraisal
Aircraft appraisal is a critical process in the aviation industry, as it helps determine the value of these assets for various purposes such as buying, selling, insurance, taxation, and financing....
By Daniel Kane
Why Every Buyer Should Get a Pre-Purchase Aircraft Appraisal
Every buyer should consider getting a pre-purchase aircraft appraisal for several important reasons. Purchasing an aircraft is a significant investment, and ensuring that you are making an informed decision is...
By Daniel Kane

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I started my aviation career in 2001 with a small FBO in Greensboro, NC called Atlantic Aero. Starting as a line service technician I knew aviation was special to me and started A&P school immediately. Within six months I was moved to the parts room and soon after onto the hangar floor as an apprentice mechanic.