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Helicopter Values
Helicopters are unique in that it’s airframe has no life expectancy associated with it. If the airframe is well taken care of it can last indefinitely. The airframe of a...
By Daniel Kane
What Affects Aircraft Value
There are a number of factors that affect the overall value of an aircraft. Working our way from the exterior to the interior of the aircraft, the age of your...
By Daniel Kane
Is An Avionics Upgrade Worth It?
Should you upgrade your outdated avionics? The quick and easy answer to that is most of the time. Many upgrades will add value to your aircraft. Even as important (if...
By Daniel Kane
Longevity and Value of Aircraft Paint
The quality and age of the paint on your aircraft can have a significant effect on the value. The big question everyone likes to ask is how long should you...
By Daniel Kane
What to Look for in an Aircraft Appraiser
There are many reasons why one may need to have an aircraft appraised.  When that time comes, you would like to ensure that you have made the right decision in...
By Daniel Kane
Aircraft Preservation and Its Effect on Value
On occasion an aircraft may end up sitting for a longer period than normal.  When this occurs. It is important to take the necessary action to preserve the aircraft.  With...
By Daniel Kane

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I started my aviation career in 2001 with a small FBO in Greensboro, NC called Atlantic Aero. Starting as a line service technician I knew aviation was special to me and started A&P school immediately. Within six months I was moved to the parts room and soon after onto the hangar floor as an apprentice mechanic.