An aircraft appraiser plays a crucial role in insurance claims related to aircraft. When an insured aircraft is involved in an accident or suffers damage, the insurance company needs to determine the value of the aircraft to properly assess the claim. This is where the aircraft appraiser comes in.

The role of an aircraft appraiser in insurance claims

The primary responsibility of an aircraft appraiser is to determine the current market value of the insured aircraft. This valuation is essential in determining the appropriate insurance coverage and the amount the insurance company should pay for any damages or loss.

If the aircraft has been involved in an accident, the appraiser evaluates the extent of the damage and estimates the cost of repairs or replacement parts. This information helps the insurance company decide whether it is more cost-effective to repair the aircraft or declare a total loss.

 In some cases, an aircraft appraiser may be involved in pre-purchase inspections for potential buyers. This is not directly related to insurance claims, but the expertise of an appraiser can help buyers make informed decisions about the aircraft’s value and condition.

The aircraft appraiser may assist in negotiations between the insured aircraft owner and the insurance company. Their impartial and well-documented appraisal report can be a crucial reference point during the claims settlement process.

In more complex cases or disputes, an aircraft appraiser may be called upon to provide expert testimony in court. Their professional opinion can carry weight in legal proceedings related to the insurance claim.

Aircraft appraisers stay updated on current market trends and conditions within the aviation industry. This knowledge is valuable in assessing the market value of aircraft accurately.

If the aircraft is severely damaged and considered a total loss, the appraiser can also help assess the salvage value of the aircraft. Salvage value is the estimated worth of the aircraft’s remaining components, which can be factored into the claim settlement.

Overall, an aircraft appraiser’s expertise and thorough evaluation are essential for insurance companies to make fair and accurate claim settlements, protecting both the interests of the policyholders and the insurers. It ensures that aircraft owners receive appropriate compensation in the event of loss or damage to their valuable assets.


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